Doors and windows made ​​by Pa&Co International from multi-layered wood represents the ideal solution for heat and noise insulation of a house, but also for a modern and comfortable interior.

Doors and windows produced by Pa&Co International are:
  • Insulator – heat and noise, because wood has a heat transmission coefficient three times lower than metal or plastic
  • Reliable – technology used ensures high resistance to shocks and stability in time for the material, which does nor curve
  • Lakes and dyes used ensure durability for over 15 years.
  • Fittings of German origin used ensure resistance in time and it is quiet.
  • Hermetic – sealing doors and windows is guaranteed and itis obtained by using the latest German technology
  • Ecologic – the wood that they are made of keeps the natural properties and minimizes the degree of toxicity.
Doors and windows are made ​​of traditional essences (fir, spruce, larch, oak) and exotic wood (meranti, mahogany sapelli and mahogany sipo).
Windows can be made ​​from a leaf, size between 450 x 450 mm and 1300 x 2400 mm, but also in 2, 3 or 4 leaves, for larger sizes. There are used PVC windows, but there can also be installed burglary or solar radiation protection windows.
In the case of exterior doors, heat transfer coefficient is certified by ABO Rosenheim Institute in Germany and is one of the lowest in Europe (Ud - 0.73 W/m2K).
Types of doors and windows
Windows can be in a leaf or in 2, 3 and 4 leaves, depending on size.
Sealing is ensured by using fittings, seals and larmiers, of German and Austrian origin, that ensure a perfectly closure.
Wood finishing is done by varnishing or painting in electrostatic field in three layers, which leads to a variety of colors. Lacquers and dyes used ensure durability for over 15 years.
The windows are made ​​in various models and combinations:
  • Combination of wood with aluminum
  • Combination of resinous wood with hardwood
  • Combination of different colors inside and outside
Doors are made ​​of a leaf, width from 800 mm to 1300 mm, height 2000 mm to 2300 mm. For other dimensions, it can be made doors of several elements.
Door thicknesses are 99, 78 and 73 millimeters. Upon request, the doors can be manufactured in any size, depending on customer needs.0