The quality of products and services were the basis of the consolidation on the market of Pa&Co International brand. Ensuring and improving the quality represents one of the main values ​​of our organization, around which the development was thought.

Pa&Co International has implemented an Integrated System of Quality Management – Environment – Health and Work Safety – Energy. All processes are so designed as to ensure the quality parameters of products or services, in terms of environmental protection and with efficient management of resources. Pa&Co International’s quality has been recognized by ISO 9001, 14001, 16001 and 18001.
Most importance is granted, however, to the employees, to their safety and to increase their life standards. Pa&Co has implemented social responsibility system, which has obtained certification according to international standards.
The quality of our infrastructure works is provided through an integrated follow-up system, which starts from checking the quality of materials and raw materials, up to how to achieve various asphalt or concrete mixing. This way, we can be responsible for the quality of our works. Pa&Co International disposes of an advanced laboratory, certified by the State Inspectorate in Construction, with working points on all sites where we carry out works.