Stylish and durable, massive parquet is produced in a variety of colors and patterns, with size standard of panels of 1,400 mm x 110 mm x 20 mm.

Superior layer can be:
  • Lacquered – the surface is protected by five layers of lacquer
  • Greased – the surface is protected by two layers of natural oils
  • Stained – the surface is treated and then protected by five layers of lacquer
Massive parquet
  • Resistant – supports many abrasions and lacquering
  • Natural – made from wood 100%
  • Warm – provides thermal insulation and an equal heat distribution
  • Practical – perfectly polished and treated surfaces do not require further processing, and the plates maintain their flatness in time.
Massive parquet can be made of beech, oak, maple and ash.
Massive parquet is produced by Pa&Co International in two types:
Staining massive parquet panels allows obtaining a chromatic range that meets the latest trends in interior design.
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