Pa&Co International developed a maintenance works program for summer time as well as for winter time.
Maintenance works on summer time:
  •       washing and cleaning of ditches, diggings and culverts
  •       setting up of road signs and safety barriers
  •       maintenance of green areas, parking and crossroads
  •     periodical maintenance works of roads, bridges, drainages, supporting walls, shore protection, river beds  arrangement
Maintenance works on winter time:
Pa&Co International is able to provide works for snow removal on 1300 km of national roads with maximum efficiency and safety:
  •       works of snow and glazed frost removal for all type of roads including motorways and airport runways
  •       repairs of protection parapets
  •       trail out the cars blocked in snow  
  •       traffic unblocking
  •       cleaning the bridges and viaducts
  •       transport of non-skid material
  •       set up protection fences (snow breaks)
  •       cleaning works for parking and road shoulder
  •       transport of materials
  •       run way inspection for establish the road condition
Our equipments may fast and efficiently intervene with certain results no matter the season.