Onesti flooring entered the EU market in 1997, where was imposed as brand due to its qualities and broad range of colors and finishes. Approximately one million square meters of triple-layered parquet are exported annually, in a network of over 800 stores in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain.

Pa&Co International was the first profile company in Eastern Europe that produced, in 2000, triple-layered parquet, with attachment of "click" type without adhesives.
Superior layer of the parquet can be:
  • Lacquered – the surface is protected by five layers of lacquer
  • Greased – the surface is protected by two layers of natural oils
  • Stained – the surface is treated and then protected by five layers of lacquer
The massive parquet panels are delivered in multiple dimensions:
  • Length – 500, 700, 1,000, 1,160, 1,180 and 2,400 millimeters
  • Width – 190 millimeters width
  • Thickness – 15 millimeters
The delivery is made in packages of eight panels.
Pa&Co International produces three types of triple-layered parquet:
These three types of parquet are produced, each one, in two options:
  • CLASIC – the parquet panels are made of three layers of bars
  • SELECT – floor boards consist of two bars arranged symmetrically lengthwise
Superior layer of the parquet can be made of beech, cherry, oak, acacia, birch, maple or ash.
Mixture of the qualities of wood and finishing processes through lacquering, greasing and staining allow to obtain over 120 types of triple-layered parquet.