Quality. Responsibility. Innovation. These are the values we built our development and our mission on and the QUALITY of services, products and people who crossed their way with our company became the main value of our group culture.  
The increasing of individual’s life quality represented the mission of our company and retrieved in the products and services offered. The man and his life quality are essential for the way we do business. The individual and his comfort were the focus of our attention when we elaborated the company’s strategies and the investment policies.
A life without risks is what we are thinking of when we repair, asphalt or build roads. As transporters we knew that the safety of our services may offer to the customers the comfort to develop their businesses. The wide range of wooden products, massif parquet, panels, doors and windows did also consider, beside the economical reasons, our concernment to make the life of people as more agreeable as possible. Our concern for people and the quality of their life is also retrievable in the technologies and machineries we use with the help of which we are trying not to disturb the nature’s equilibrium.
In our vision, the development of Pa&Co International means services and products complying with most severe conditions of European rules and norms or any other civilized state in any corner of the world. Pa&Co International brand means a permanent care for quality, the main resort of company’s policy but also an incorporated view over the role of different divisions so that the stability of company not to be influenced by the internal or external evolution on the markets.