Pa&Co International produces solid wood panels that can be used both in the industrial system and domestic purpose:

Furniture manufacturing;
Manufacturing shelfs and stands;
As table tops, round or oval;
Production of stairs;
Interior wainscoting;
As boards.
The surface of the panels can be:
  • Razed – the panels preserves the natural color of wood that they are made of;
  • Lacquered – treatment with lacquers gives a shiny appearance and increased resistance;
  • Greased – treatment with natural oils, non-toxic, allows obtaining panels with a modern look;
  • Stained – process allows expansion of the range of natural colors.
The panels are made of beech, oak, maple or ash.
Delivery is made as oval or rectangular form, in individual packages.
Types of wood panels
Wood panels are produced by Pa&Co International in three quality classes, dependent on color and wood structure. Lacquering, staining and greasing lead to improving natural wood characteristics, resistance to humidity increase and the color palette is diversified.