Pa&Co International SRL is a completely Romanian private capital company. It was founded in 1990 by Paulina and Costel Casuneanu who used for the development foundation the QUALITY, the INNOVATION and the RESPONSIBILITY. These values were also assumed by Costel and Ionut Casuneanu their two sons who are now actively involved in PA&CO International management.

Pa&Co International is founded. The company obtains the license for international road transport. The main destinations are: Germany, Austria, Holland, France, Sweden, Norway, Greece. 
Pa&Co International becomes a member of an international network compound of expedition houses, importers, exporters and producers in European Union.
Pa&Co International is starting up the investment in new trucks of German and Swedish origin 
The transportation fleet is the first in European Union using the EUTELTRACS system for tracing the trucks by satellite. Trucks can be easily identified in traffic and the connection with the driver is permanent.
Pa&Co International invests over 30 millions dollars in construction of the first Romanian private triple-layered parquet factory. 
The parquet factory begins to produce. Over a million of square meters of triple-layered parquet are yearly exported in a chain of over 900 stores in European Union. 
1999 The company invests over 40 millions of dollars in developing the division of civil and industrial constructions. It begins the construction of panel factory and wooden doors and windows factory in Radeana, county of Bacau.
The Division of construction, repairs and maintenance of roads and bridges is designed as incorporate system so that Pa&Co International is able to guarantee for the quality of its works. Significant investments are made for endowment with stations for concrete production, asphalt mixing production and asphalt emulsions, equipments for layout and finishing, high performance labs.
The triple-layered parquet factory starts to use, a premiere in the South-East of Europe, the patent of “click” system to catch the parquet plates without adhesive. 
Pa&Co International is awarded, as a premiere, an international bid for the construction of Bucuresti – Brasov motorway, the section Moara Vlasiei – Ploiesti.
The company invests over 30 millions euro in equipments and technologies of latest generation for construction and repair of roads and bridges. By the same time starts the partnership Pa&Co International – OMV. The company is the only one in Romania approved to lay out the bitumen modified with polymers produced by OMV.
Are successfully finalized the construction works of Ploiesti West ring road with a length of 14.8 km and motorway profile. Start up the works at underground passageway “Stefan Gusa” in Bacau city, a complex work consisting of under passage of 14 railways on a length of 300 meters.
Pa&Co International is building the underground passageway “Pipera” in Bucharest with a length of 900 meters on columns drilled at 12 meters. Also are finalized the works at DJ208 border of county Iasi – the border of county Suceava investment financed with European Union funds. Also are developing works at National Road DN 1H Zalau – Rastoci.
2012 Pa&Co International successfully completed the works on Bucharest – Brasov A3 Motorway, section Moara Vlasiei – Ploiesti and the works of widening to six lanes of Pipera carriageway from Bucharest. The works of modernization of streets and urban public places from the project of Regeneration of Husi municipality go on, and at the same time start the works of rehabilitation of R14 road Balti – Sarateni, a reference work of the company, through which it was launched on the constructions market from the Republic of Moldova.
2013 Our company started the works of rehabilitation of the national road M3 Chisinau – Giurgiulesti, km 96+800 – km 122+800 and km 122+800 – km 151+200.
The expansion of the company in the 20 years of activity was made through permanent investment of the profit and through respecting the European principles of durable development by means of rational exploit of resources. Pa&Co International was permanently preoccupied by the protection of environment. The means of transportation were and are fitted with euro 3 and euro 4 systems, wood processing equipments as well as stations for asphalt mixtures and concrete production are environmental friendly.