Auto service of Pa&Co International SRL works under license from Mercedes Benz, obtained since 2004. The staff is qualified by Mercedes company and executes works at quality level required by German car manufacturer. Team expertise is doubled by high-precision equipment that allows to obtain good results and to reduce waiting time. Problems of the car are identified by StarDiagnose, a special equipment, which finds the smallest deviation from the optimal operating parameters.

The service can run:
Current repairs
  • Warranty repair of Mercedes vehicles
  • Post-warranty repair of Mercedes vehicles
  • Order genuine Mercedes parts at reasonable prices
  • Plate works for any brand of vehicle
  • Painting works for any type of vehicle
  • Repairs and maintenance to electrical systems
Service is equipped with a certified station, where it can be made Periodical Inspection (ITP).
Our experts can fix failures in any brand of vehicle, regardless of size or year of production.
Pa&Co International service is located in Oituz, county of Bacau, and is the only Mercedes licensed service between Brasov and Iasi.