The construction division of Pa&Co International assumed investments of over 100 millions euro and is imagined as an integrated system so that we can guarantee for the quality and safety of our works. High performance technologies, latest generation equipments and the expertise of our specialist allow the execution of a wide and complex range of works, including build-up of motorways, passage ways, above or underground or airport runways.

Pa&Co International assures the quality control of materials and semi finished, draws up the mix design for bituminous recipes, asphalt mixtures, concrete and cement. The works expertise is performed during different stages in two high performance labs functioning at European standards.

The development of construction division on a competitive market, where we compete with international companies, urged us to comply with severe European standards right from the beginning before Romania adhering to European Union.

Pa&Co International executes:

  • Layout of very thin bituminous layers type “slurry seal”

  • Layout of thin layers type Ralumac, with bitumen modified with polymers a special product for airport runways

  • Layout of asphalt mixtures at hot

  • In situ stabilization of foundations with modern products type Dorosol, Doropor;

  • Hot recycling of degraded bituminous layers

  • Construction and consolidation of bridges and culverts

  • Execution of complex infrastructure works, rebuild and consolidation of road systems or new buildings:

- land survey

- leveling of ground

- excavations

- earthworks

- road foundations

- lay out of asphalt layers

- complete or partial milling of old layers

- asphalt layers sealing

- asphalt layers repairs

  • Hydrotechnic works (shore protection)

  • Asphalt mixtures production at hot

  • Bitumen emulsions production

  • Concrete production

  • Tests in our own laboratories

For the works executed we granted guarantees from 12 to 72 months and for none of our works requested interventions during the guarantee period.


all projects

1. Bucharest-Brasov  Highway(Section Moara Vlasiei - Ploiesti)

Beneficiary: CNADNR
Type of works: Design and execution
Time period:  Martie 2007 – Decembrie 2012
Participation: Partener în Joint Venture
One of the great challenges for Pa&Co International specialists is the construction of the Bucharest – Brasov highway, section Moara Vlasiei – Ploiesti. The work has a length of 14.7 kilometers and will provide a useful width of over 22 meters. Provision of protection and drainage ditches will lead finally to a section of highway over 50 feet between the two fences.

2.Ploiesti west ring road
Beneficiary: CNADNR
Type of works: Design and execution
Time period:  March 2007 – December 2012
Participation: Contractor
Ploiesti West ring road with a length of 12,8 kilometers involved extending from two to four lanes and execution of five passages, one of which with more than 15 railway lines. Rolling layer is made of polymer modified bitumen, an alternative technology that doubles the life of the road, Ploiesti West ring road has a profile of a highway and it is one of the most transited access roads from the capital to the mountain tourist area of Romania.
3. Pipera Passage, Bucharest
Beneficiary: City Hall of Bucharest municipality
Type of works: Design and execution
Time period: 18 months, 2010 – 2011
Participation: Main Contractor
A true "masterpiece" as called by the builders, Pipera Passage crosses an important road pole of Bucharest and will determine the flow of traffic in one of the most transited points of the metropolis.
4. Runway rehabilitation at International Airport ”Henri Coandă”, Otopeni
Beneficiary: International Airport”Henri Coandă”
Type of works: Runway rehabilitation on a length of 3.4 km
Time period: October 2007 – October 2008
Participation: Partner in Joint Venture
Pa&Co International has upgraded runway no. 2 at International Airport "Henri Coanda" Bucharest. The work involved the complete rebuilding of airport infrastructure and runway. For maximum safety of traffic, experts Pa&Co International layered a ralumac type layer, for which were used products imported from Germany.
5. Bucharest Ring

Pa&Co International has executed over time special works of high complexity. In 2007, the company made the track arrangement on which took place Formula 3 circuit Bucharest Ring, now a tradition. For the 3.2 km of circuit was used polymer modified bitumen, which ensures a high resistance, and flatness required of such a circuit. The track was homologated by the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile - FIA and the Bucharest Ring circuit has now become a tradition.