The riding land


The riding land, rehabilitaded by Pa&Co International company, has received the approval of IEF

On 18-22 April, Pa&Co International company rehabilitated the riding land of Riding Base "Felix Ţopescu," sponsored by the Romanian Gendarmerie. This is the first land of its kind in Romania, which was approved by the International Equestrian Federation

For land rehabilitation, Pa&Co International intervened with modern equipment and a team of the best engineers. The work was led by Ionut Casuneanu, general manager.

The land needed a complete rehabilitation in order to host a world class equestrian competition. Pa& Co International has succeeded within five days to bring the land to IEF standards.

The specialist builders of Pa&Co International rearranged the riding land primarily thinking to the safety of those who will compete here.

The main problems encountered in the riding base were removed by Pa&Co International with the construction of a new drainage system.

All over the land the top layer was uncovered to a depth of 50 cm. The land was leveled and compacted respecting the topometric measurement for appropriate drainage. The compacted soil layer was fully covered with geotextile over which was strewn a layer of sand and particular textile with imperative properties for depreciation jumps.

To create optimal conditions for conducting a contest, near the main land, Pa&Co International has arranged a warm up field, with a total area of about 2400 mp. Viewers’ access to the land of competition will be made on specially arranged for this purpose alley.

Pa&Co International has executed this work with professionalism and seriousness, supporting the development of equity in Romania. We hope that this riding land will host many national and international competitions.

Pa&Co International wishes luck to all competitors!