Completion of underpass tunnel


The action of digging a tunnel under the railway tracks, for the underground passage Oituz - Stefan Guse, the city of Bacau, ended yesterday. Huge precast concrete was pushed on a distance of 82.7 meters from the CFR district up to Oituz Street.

Underpass construction of Bacau is a national premiere, given the technique used in prefabricate launch works under the railway tracks.

Until now it has not been built a tunnel by this Italian technique and has not been pneumatic pushed a concrete giant of this dimensions. In making of the prefabricated of over 86 meters long and two side walls of 10-12 meters tall were used over 2,000 cubic meters of concrete.

The prefabricated weighs 6,000 tons. It crossed all the 14 railway lines, and yesterday, it came out on the other side of the tunnel.

"With all the unpredictable situations we managed to finish the tunnel safely. All the prefabricated of 86.70 meters, is placed in final position.

I want to thank Mayor Stavarache Romeo, who, being an engineer, had the courage and technical ability to understand and accept a new technology for the first time in Romania," said Gregory Ioanid, consortium leader “SC Procom Ceprano Italia – Cosbau SPA Nalles Italia – Pa&Co Romania – Compania Constructii Feroviare SA Cimpulung – SC Proiect CF Bucuresti”.

The next phase of works will be the set-up of the tunnel interior for road traffic and linking it with access ramps. The workers will protect these days the tunnel entrances, to preserve them during the holidays and will resume work in January.

The passage will be functional in May.

The mayor of Bacau went yesterday to site and said he was pleased with how the manufacturer has understood to do its job.

“We are in very important moment of this investment, perhaps the most important. We managed to overcome all problems arose and finished the tunnel.

It is a national premiere and I say it, even if I’ll I seem devoid of modesty, that this crazy courage that I had when I accepted this solution had proved to be auspicious and winning solution.

The fact that it were not “bothered” any railway from those 14, it were not “bothered” the national and international train circulation, showed that this was the right solution, even if the risks were high.

From now it is to finish about 40% of the project and hopefully by the end of May to make ramps, braces, roundabouts and open the circulation.

The success of this investment makes me very optimistic and mobilized to attract money and financial resources for other projects so important for Bacau, "said Mayor Romeo Stavarache.

Bacau mayor said the most likely on Friday if the weather allows the asphalting of walkways on Garii Street, the traffic on this street will reopen.

One of the most modern passages in the country

The underground passage, an investment that is made by European funds, cost over eight million euro. It will have a length of 300 meters and is divided into three distinct areas: ramp Stefan Guse, that will have a length of 107.07 m, underground road passage itself, with a length of 86.70 m and Oituz ramp that will have a length of 67.80 m.