Human resource was and still is considered the most important capital of the company, and seriousness and tradition were the basis of the personnel policy of Pa&Co International. Care for our people was always the first priority.
Over 1,200 employees worked, throughout time, in wood processing factories, in construction or in international transport. Creating optimum working conditions, continuous training and careful selection allow us to talk today about a stable and loyal staff to the company.
For us it is a pride and responsibility to have employees who have identified their existence with the one of Pa&Co International, since its establishment in the early 90s and that there are families that passed from one generation to another the tradition of working in our organization.
Training sessions and qualification courses have enabled an effective management of human resources within the company, including relocation of staff from one division to another as needed.
Pa&Co International has specialists with high expertise and experience, ready to find the best solutions to solve any project, at quality standards for any client from the European Union.
Machinery type Units
1. Management 28
2. Engineers 62
3. Mechanical technicians 30
4. Mechanical foremen 18
5. Technical foremen 15
6. Electricians 20
7. Laboratory technicians 18
8. Surveyors 15
9. Plumbers 30
10. Welders 25
11. Skilled labors 210
12. Unskilled labors 52
13. Drivers 247
14. Operators 120
15. Guards 30
16. Blacksmith concreters 25
17. Carpenters 20
18. Safety officer 15
19. Support 45