Natural disasters from 2005 and 2006 showed that Pa&Co International does not remain insensitive to people who are in extreme situations. In the summer of 2005 when thousands of people from Moldova have remained isolated because of flooding, the company restored the circulation over a hundred kilometers of roads, county and municipal, following requests by local authorities. Pa&Co International employees and equipment intervened to restore the communication in dozens of isolated settlements.

Following the floods in summer 2010, over 5,000 mp of triple-layered parquet brand Pa & Co. were donated to residents of Dorohoi, Botosani, who had their homes destroyed.
About 200 children from Bacau that came from affected families benefited of a camp sponsored by our company in the summer of that year.
A group of 100 children from families affected by floods in summer 2010 in Bacau spent a week in camp Salatruc, Dărmăneşti. The children were accompanied by ten teachers and received full board and transportation, totaling more than 10,000 euro. The initiative and the financing of this camp belonged to Mrs. Paulina Casuneanu, who hoped, by doing so, to alleviate the difficulties that the parents and the children went through after the disaster caused by water.
The selection of the participants to camp was done through the Prefecture of Bacau, with the support of local authorities. Mrs. Paulina Casuneanu, wanted all the children to come from affected families, so that the parents involved in the process of reconstruction to be relieved, at least for a few days, of the concerns inherent in monitoring the children.
The sponsorship of the camp was the first aid offered and it was followed by a donation of 3,500 mp of triple-layers parquet, worth over 50,000 euro. The sponsorship was made through the Foundation "Mereu aproape" and the parquet reached the Dorohoi victims’ houses.