Pa&Co International company, in close collaboration with the OS OITUZ from DS BACAU helps forest regeneration through the strict compliance of the treatment applied in the management of trees, and by operations of full or completion planting, with the purpose of assuring the stability of the forest as an ecosystem.

The forests from Oituz impress not only through the diversity of species (spruce, fir, beech, oak), the verticality and lush of the green gold, but also through the hospitality and spiritual beauty of people.
Pa&Co International company gets involved in ensuring natural regeneration that is one of the most important processes in forest life that ends a cycle of vegetation and is also the beginning of a new brush.
Forest regeneration is being obtained in three ways: natural, artificial and mixed.
Natural regeneration is done according to provisions of forest facilities, giving priority to indigenous brush, regenerated from seeds and assuring the continuity of their protective functions.
Artificial regeneration is done according to some technical rules, depending of the conditions of forest resorts. Forest reproductive material must be of domestic origin. Artificial forest regeneration is accomplished by collecting and sowing seeds produced by trees of a certain biological value and by assisted growth of juveniles in forest nurseries and greenhouses. If natural forest regeneration is accomplished without any human intervention, the artificial (called directed), is made ​​conscious, planned and consistent.
For forestation it has been paid attention to the way of pairing species, so they can be appropriate from the point of view of stationary conditions and of management goal set. In this purpose, in achievement artificial regenerations, coniferous seedlings occupy the largest share.
Forestation process begins with the installation of forest crops by planting seedlings grown in nurseries. Their care continues until it’s achieved solid state of the future brush. The first works are executed immediately after planting. Subsequently, specific sequence takes place in a number of forestry operations of care designed to promote vigorous specimens.
Forest development is being done not just through whole planting, but in case of many species and situations, forest regeneration is possible through natural regenerations over which they intervene only by maintenance and completions works.
By applying forestry treatments, Pa&Co International passes the brush through several stages of its development, from forestry exploitation: expose in the light, through which is installed the seedling in remaining spaces and then of the undergrowth. In the activities undertaken by the company the depreciated surfaces after forest exploitation do not exceed 8-12% of the seedling’s surface depending of the chosen treatment. They are planted in completions works.